Ashlyn Caswell is a main character from the Disney+ series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. She is portrayed by Julia Lester.

Ashlyn's brash and gutsy attitude overshadows her “new kid” self-doubt. A slightly woo-woo horoscope reader, she’s finding her place in the school hierarchy. Or trying to. (It helps that her cousin E.J. is a senior.) Worships Sara Bareilles and is an aspiring songwriter on the sly. Can’t wait till she’s old enough to vote, and she’ll march and protest in the meantime. Whether she’s cast in the musical or not, she’s got her eye on student council. Her most-used app is Headspace, for meditation (and because of her crush on the disembodied Buddha voice).


Ashlyn is a kind, loving, happy person. She keeps herself busy in the robotics club, baking club and Renaissance’s club. She is helpful and a aspiring singer - songwriter with lots of talent.


Season 1

The Auditions

The Read-Through


E.J. Caswell

Main Article: Ashlyn and E.J.


Big Red (boyfriend)


  • According to Julia Lester who plays Ashlyn revealed on twitter that Ashlyn is a Ravenclaw. [1]
  • Ashlyn is co-captain of the robotics team, high priestess of the Salt Lake Renaissance Fair and a member of the Baking Club
  • She is currently taking AP Psychology
  • She loves Sara Bareilles!


"I'm dying. I'm deceased. Yes."

"Dating her doesn't mean you own her."

[Big Red: "I just don't know how to make things light up."] "You walk into a room."


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