Big Red is a junior who is involved in the tech crew of East High's drama department. He is known as Ricky's best friend. According to this video his real last name is Redonovich.

In "Act Two" it's revealed he's actually Big Red III, and in the end credits of that same episode, it's revealed he has a secret skill for tap dancing. Big Red's family also owns a pizza shop.


Big Red is an incredibly caring friend to practically everyone. He's sweet and always puts others before himself, perhaps too often. Throughout season one, he's a great friend to Ricky and supports him through family and relationship troubles.


  • He skateboards
  • He has sleep apnea
  • He can tap dance
  • He plays video games


"I have no control over when I laugh, Ricky."

"Should I live vicariously through someone else?"

"I would take the SATs every week if I never have to do that again."

"Did I join a cult?"

"The only thing I'd ever throw at your face is a brighter spotlight cause I like the way you sing!"

"I know how to... hang out?"

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