Big Red and Ashlyn are characters in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Their relationship began after they shared a kiss during the ending credits scene of Act Two.




Season 1

Episode 6 "What Team?"

During the performance of Truth, Justice, and Songs in our Key they are both shown sharing looks with each other throughout the song. Big Red spins Ashlyn around in the line "Now it makes us want to dance."

Episode 7 "Thanksgiving"

Their friendship began when Big Red offered to help Ashlyn set up her house party, where he payed her a compliment after they joked about Ricky and EJ.

Later on, whilst playing Carlos' game, High School Musical: The Choosical, Ashlyn went over to join the West High Knights which Big Red had joined, hinting at Ashlyn's crush on Big Red. When the West High Knights were challenged to sing the lyrics of What I've Been Looking For to the rhythm of Get Your Head In The Game, Big Red and Ashlyn both rapped the lyrics together, bringing them closer to each other.

After the party had ended, Big Red stayed behind to clean up and asked Ashlyn if she wrote Ms Darbus' ballad "Wondering" at the piano located in the living room. Ashlyn seemed stunned, as she described it as "all I ever wanted to hear in my entire life." They shared a moment before Big Red exited her home with the leftover lobster dip, then Ashlyn turned back to the living room in excitement, joyfully prancing.

Episode 8 "The Tech Rehearsal"

Whilst Big Red was trying to figure out the light system, Ashlyn decided to ask if he was alright and payed him a compliment in return.

Episode 9 "Opening Night"

Before the show began, Ashlyn walked up to Big Red and asked about how she looked. She asked for "any pearls of encouragement," where Big Red simply told her to be herself. Ashlyn leaned in for a hug but was instead gifted with a high five.

Episode 10 "Act Two"

During Ms Darbus' ballad "Wondering" Big Red shined the spotlight on Ashlyn, staring and admiring in awe.

After the production, Carlos finally found a card in the immense basket of flowers which was delivered earlier before the performance began. The card read, "To Ashlyn: Because you get me." and Big Red revealed he was the one who sent the flowers.

Throughout the post-credits scene, Big Red is shown tap dancing in the empty gym, where he seemed to be enjoying himself. Ashlyn later entered the gym, holding the basket of flowers and staring in astonishment. Finally, she walked towards Big Red, dropping the flowers on the gym floor and locking their lips, where they smiled and laughed after the kiss was shared.


Season 1

Episode 1


Episode 2


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Episode 6


Episode 7

Ashlyn: Thanks again for helping me set this all up.

Big Red: No problem. My parents are taking a nap, then after that they usally take another nap.

Ashlyn: Plus, I figured you're a crew guy, so you're good at carrying heavy stuff.

Big Red: Yeah, I just fell into the whole crew thing. Not much of a carrier.

Ashlyn: Yeah, how did that happen anyway? You don't exactly strike me as a theater dork.

Big Red: I kind of got sucked into it by Ricky. I think he just wanted some moral support because Nini was dating...

Ashlyn: ...EJ.

Big Red: Yeah.. sorry. Forgot you guys were.. related.

Ashlyn: Well hey, I promise not to steal your phone if you promise not to throw a basketball at my face.

Big Red: Hah, no. The only thing I'd ever throw at your face is a brighter spotlight, 'cuz, I like the way you sing.

Ashlyn: You don't have to stay!

Big Red: My basements not going anywhere. Plus I kinda wanted to finish the lobster dip. Sorry none of the girls stuck around for your sleepover.

Ashlyn: That's okay. We kinda got killed!

Big Red: Yeah. I hope Gina's gonna be okay.

Ashlyn: I guess that's what you do. Worry about everyone else.

Big Red: Whatever. Hey is this where you wrote that thing?

Ashlyn: What thing?

Big Red: The Sara Barelles song for Miss Darbus about regrets.

Ashlyn: Ok, did someone ask you to say that? Cause that's all I've ever wanted to hear my whole life.

Big Red: Well her songs come up on shuffle a lot. I just thought it sounded simaler. You know the notes.

Ashlyn: The notes.

Big Red: I better...

Ashlyn: Big Red! Don't forget the dip. Happy thanksgiving!

Big Red: You too.

Episode 8

Ashlyn: Hey you good?

Big Red: I just don't know how to make things light up.

Ashlyn: You walk into a room.

Big Red: Oh.

Ashlyn: Seriously I have been through a few tech rehersals. Holler if you need anything.

Big Red: Thanks Ash!

Ashlyn: You'bve got this.

Episode 9

Ashlyn: Hey!

Big Red: Oh hey!

Ashlyn: How do I look?

Big Red: Solid Miss Darbus! I did a doubletake.

Ashlyn: Any words of encourgement?

Big Red: Just be you Ashlyn. You're enough.

Episode 10

Carlos: Everybody hold... we've got a card people! "To Ashlyn: Because you get me."

Ashlyn: Aww, EJ! Really?

EJ: Pfft, I didn't write that.

Big Red: I did.

Ashlyn: Wow. I have a lot of questions.

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