• Flowerfluff

    Hi! Okay, don't attack me and before that you leave a destructive comment down there, I want you to know that this is my opinion and a theory. That's it. A theory.

    We all know that Disney is trying to apport more and more characters and relationships LGBTIQA+. For example:

    • Cyrus and TJ, from Andimack.
    • Lefou, from Beauty and the Beast.
    • Seb and Carlos, from HSMTMTS (obviously I had to put this ship in this list).
    • Some cameos in the backgrounds.

    And well, if anyone has seen Stargril (a Disney+ production that I frickin' love), you might have see that a protagonist's friend (Tess Reid) is a lesbian. if you pay attention to the film and to the background, you will see it.

    As I mention before, there are LGBT character. But mainly men. So, it wouldn't be nice…

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  • Flowerfluff

    ¡Hi there! I want to ask you a question about a ship that i don't see posts about it: Miss Jenn and Mr. Mazzara. Or should be Miss Jenn and Mike Bowen?

    Okey, so I have to admit that i am a sucker for Miss Jenn and Mr. Mazzara. BUT, her and Ricky's dad look cute too. So tell me guys, wich team are you?

    Also, what would be the name for each ship? I personally vote for that Miss Jenn + Mr. Mazzara ship name to be = Jennzzara. I absouletly love it.

    See you later!


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  • JasonKenny

    Hey everyone!

    The page Nini Salazar-Roberts is temporarily protected. That page will be an example of how other pages should look.


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  • Chxrryli

    Well, turns out the spring musical is going to be Beauty and the Beast, which, in my opinion the leads will not be Ricky and Nini. 

    Afterall this is a series related to High School Musical but this time I guess the crew will merge in the elements of High School Musical 2 with their East High 'reality' life. For example, Nin's situation is very similar to Gabriella's situation since they both have a bright future in front of them but do not want to leave their loved ones. I think Gotta Go My Own Way will definitely be used.

    Gina will probably stay and become a housemate of Ashlyns

    Ricky and Nini's relationship will probably be dreamy and ideal in the first few episodes, but it will downfall in the middle and go back up again and be a happy cou…

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  • JasonKenny

    The Wikia Performance

    January 27, 2020 by JasonKenny

    Hey everyone!

    I'm Jason, the founder and creator of the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Fandom Wikia page. I'd like to apologize for the inactivity, and that no one (not even my administrator) of the hierarcy is working on this Wikia. Over the past few months, I've been through very traumatic events that have effected my mental health, but right now I'll be aiming for more activity on the Wikia!

    Thank you for all the amazing edits!

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