E.J. is a senior at East High in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is the ex of Nini Salazar-Roberts. He was also cast as Chad and understudy of Troy in the winter musical.


We usually think of E.J. as self-absorbed and expectant at the beginning of the season. He often does "the wrong things for the right reason" as Ashlyn, his cousin, says to Nini after she breaks up with him. What she means by this is that E.J. loves Nini, but he doesn't cope with that very well. He surely wants the best for her nonetheless, though. Towards the end of the season, E.J. seems more kind and honest. In the last episode, Act Two, E.J. buys Gina a plane ticket so that she didn't have to miss the show. That is when people finally start seeing him as a good guy when he was all along. He just wants what's best for everyone and he really tries.


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Act Two


Nini Salazar-Roberts was E.J.'s girlfriend from summer camp. They broke up in the fall of his senior year.


  • "E.J" is possibly a nickname for his initials in his first name. As of right now it is unknown what his real first name is.
  • He is the co-captain of the Water-Polo team.
  • He is the Senior class Treasurer.
  • His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
  • He has a sensitive side, which he only shows to Ashlyn, Nini, and Ricky.
  • He has anxiety and has had panic attacks, but these only happen when something is new or changed to him.
  • Only Ashlyn knows his real name, but E.J. refuses to tell anyone else.
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