Gina Porter is a sophomore transfer student and musical prodigy, who is cast as Taylor Mckessie and is the understudy for Gabriella Montez .


Gina Porter — in the series — is seen as a passionate student and, in general, person. This is especially emphasized for the most part of Season One's beginning half, when she is set upon claiming the role of Gabriella Montez. She radiates an aura of absolute confidence in both herself and her abilities, as seen in the manner in which she dances during the musical auditions. Other than that, she is charismatic, competitive and ambitious; furthermore, she seeks and strives for excellence. Although her character is commonly misinterpreted and misunderstood, Gina Porter is more than meets the eye. Later in the series, she is revealed to have layers in her personality, that being so because of her past. Gina's mom is an employee for F.E.M.A., which means she is forced to move multiple times, and she has been for the past six years. Because of this, she is emotionally reserved and does not allow just anyone in. However, it is seen that Ricky Bowen has become the first (known) exception thus far in the series. Concerning her hobbies that do not include the performing arts, Gina bakes, knits and does many more, thanks to her constant use of YouTube. Towards the end of Season One, she is seen as being more accepting — of her role as Taylor — and is portrayed as having built a firm relationship/friendship with the theater club. Overall, Gina Porter can be described through the famous saying, "Do not judge a book by its cover". 

Physical Appearance 

Gina Porter has curly, dark brown hair that can be described as being shoulder-length. Similarly, her eyes are also a dark brown, its color resembling that of her hair. She has a sienna complexion and an athletic build — after all, in the series, she is seen as a strong dancer with confidence in her abilities. Last but not least, she stands at 5'7" — which can be translated to 1.7 meters.


Season 1

The Auditions

The Read-Through

The Wonderstudies



What Team?


The Tech Rehearsal (mentioned)

Opening Night

Act Two


Ricky Bowen

In episode 5, Homecoming, Ricky and Gina share an intimate moment together in the car when Ricky gives Gina a ride back to her house. They have a conversation about their family lives. Gina kisses Ricky on the cheek both are closer than before. In episode 6, What Team?, Ricky and Gina are closer than ever. They are really close friends. When everyone ditches theater rehearsal, Gina asks to hear Ricky's idea for the musical. He ends up serenading her with an acoustic version of When There Was Me and You. Ricky and Gina share another intimate moment. Nini sees this and gets jealous. After they finished performing Truth, Justice, and Songs in Our Key, Ricky gives Gina a huge hug and spins her around. Nini gets extremely jealous. Before the Thanksgiving party at Ashlyn's in episode 7, Gina shows up to Ricky's house bringing a tray of turkey cupcakes, hoping to walk to Ashlyn's together. He is not in a very good mood after he called his mom and her boyfriend answered. Gina comforts Ricky and understands him. She shows him the hat she made him, which is a little big, but cheers Ricky up. In episode 8, Gina isn't answering any text messages that Ricky is sending, and she moves away without saying goodbye. At Opening Night, Ricky is singing Just For A Moment and Big Red hears, asking if it's about Gina. Big Red could see the sparks that both of them had. During Act Two, Gina comes back for the show and sees Ricky, she clearly still cares for him.

Nina Salazar-Roberts

Nini and Gina have a complicated relationship. They both try out for the role of Gabriella in episode 1, The Auditions, and Nini gets the part. Gina does not dislike Nini, but just sees her as an obstacle to get what she wants. Gina does what she can to get Nini out of the show. However, Nini makes it clear that she will not be a doormat for Gina when Nini starts to take things from Gina. The two ultimately become friends.

E.J. Caswell

E.J. Caswell and Gina Porter have a platonic relationship. Like many of the others, it started out in the theater club during the auditions and rehearsals for their rendition of the classic Disney Channel Original: High School Musical. Their more prominent interactions begin when Gina approaches E.J. with a proposition that will help in them getting their desired roles. Of course, E.J. rejects the offer at first, but soon succumbs and pushes through with the plan Gina has devised. Although he has no idea about the details, E.J. is sure about one thing: he is to be her date to their upcoming homecoming dance. In Episode 5, they both attend it together, where they have their photos taken. Later in that same episode, Gina pours her drink on him after they are seen in a heated argument. She ends up leaving alongside Ricky Bowen. Again, E.J. does not know, but Gina has abandoned their plans, which the former confronts her about. Due to Terri's (Gina's mom) job as a F.E.M.A. employee, she moves away from Salt Lake City and East High School. But she returns for the season finale and the musical when a "friend" (E.J.) purchases her a plane ticket back. In Act two, there is the potential of their friendship becoming more. Of course, there is no verbal implications, but the episode shows Gina looking at E.J. in an almost longing look. Last but not least, Ashlyn Caswell — who is E.J.'s cousin — offers her a place at her home, so that she does not have to return and remains at East High School.


  • In Act Two it was revealed that E.J. Caswell bought her plane ticket so, she wouldn't miss the show.
  • Ashlyn Caswell offers Gina to stay with her at her house so she can still go to East High School with her friends in the Season 1 finale.
  • Her mother is the only relative of Gina's that appeared on the show so far it's unknown what happen to her biological father Gina was most likely raised by her single mother
  • She moves around a lot due to her mother's job (F.E.M.A.)
  • She is a performing arts prodigy


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