Nina "Nini" Salazar-Roberts is a lead character on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. She was cast as Gabriella Montez in East High School's production of High School Musical: The Musical. She is portrayed by Olivia Rodrigo.


Physical Appearance

Nini has brown eyes, as well as brown hair to match. She is an average height. She usually wears sweaters, jeans and quirky clothing, like most stereotypical teenage females.


Season 1

The Auditions

On the first day of junior year, Nini tells Kourtney all about her "showmance" filled summer with E.J. Caswell and her time at theater camp. She decides to tell her ex-boyfriend, Ricky Bowen about him until the right time which was instantly neglected as soon as Ricky decided to say "hey" as soon as he saw her in the halls. It turns out, Ricky just wanted a "pause," but mistranslated into a break up. This all started six weeks before the first day of junior year, when Ricky and Nini were at the latter's house on their one year anniversary. Nini gives him a gift of a song titled "I Think You Kinda, You Know" in a video format of her singing and playing ukulele publicly on Instagram. After the video stops playing, she says, "I do, Ricky. I love you." Ricky followed the statement with an "Oh," leaving Nini heartbroken. Back to reality, Nini sees this in a positive light. She takes it as a fresh start, and everyone is on the same page.

Being the theater nerd Nini is, she was obviously excited when Miss Jenn announced that this years show was going to be High School Musical: The Musical. She wants to audition for Gabriella Montez.

At lunch, Kourtney is telling her and E.J. what she's done over summer break, but immediately talk about auditions for the musical right after she finishes. E.J. suggests that they go in costume to the auditions. Nini quickly turns that idea down, not wanting to jinx anything about her getting the role she is hoping for. E.J. then comforts her by saying that they are a package, meaning that if one of them doesn't get a role or is cut from the show, the other is not going to participate as well. E.J. also shares some more comforting remarks by saying that they have a better chance than last year since all the talented seniors are out of their way. After their conversation, they share a kiss.

After E.J. gets whisked away by some fellow jocks, Nini asks for Kourtney's opinion on him. Kourtney explains how she doesn't want another boy to hurt her after Ricky crushed her. Kourtney claims that Nini didn't come out of her bedroom for forty-eight hours after the break up. Nini then tells her that it's different now, and that she is her own person. E.J. then pulls her into a conversation with another athlete.

After school, she has a talk with her grandmother, Malou, about her first day back as well as a dream of being alone on this big, Broadway stage where she opens her mouth, and nothing comes out. She's been having since she was little. Malou explains that this dream means that there is something about being heard feels off-limits to Nini. Nini's mothers, Carol and Dana arrive with twelve glazed donuts after after their car broke down in front of the donut shop.

The next day, Nini, E.J. and Kourtney are at auditions. E.J. boasts about not having any competition which Nini hesitantly agrees.

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