Nini and Ricky are the main characters in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Rini (Ricky x Nini) is the main ship in the show.


In Tech Rehearsal it was revealed that they met in Kindergarten and Ricky didn't know how to pronounce "Nina" so he just called her "Nini", and it stuck since then. In first grade, Nini had decided to call Ricky "Ricky" because "Richard" sounded like an old man's name.

Season 1

They started dating in Sophomore Year and broke up in the Summer of 2019, when Nini confessed her love to him after showing him a song she wrote for him and posted on Instagram for their one year anniversary ("I Think I Kinda, You Know"). Ricky suggests they take a pause due to her leaving for theatre camp and not being able to express his feelings.

On the first day of school, when Nini has returned, she is showing her friend Kourtney designer outfits on her phone. Kourtney stops and asks her about the cute boy on her phone, EJ Caswell. Nini replies that she's seconds away from making that her lock-screen picture, and Kourtney asks if You-Know-Who (Ricky) knows about it. Nini replies that she will tell him, just as Ricky arrives behind her. With Nini telling him they need to talk, as she explains what happened at camp and that she's dating E.J, Ricky insists that it was a break, not a breakup. Nini then announces, "Its a breakup now," walking away from him, relieved that they are on the same page as Ricky says that "This is a nightmare, everything is terrible. Love is dead!"

Later, Ricky sees E.J casually wrap his arms around Nini, and he storms out of the cafeteria in frustration. He then decides to audition opposite her in the school musical original HSM after finding out both E.J and Nini are auditioning. After doing a ton of studying on Troy Bolton, he races to the auditorium to audition, told he's arrived late, something Troy apparently wouldn't do and that he needs to wait after Nini's turn to audition. As she mentally prepares herself, E.J shouts out " You've got this, babe! ". A startled Ms. Jenn spills her coffee on the lights, causing the lights to go off. As Nini is told to wait, she chooses to sing despite the lights being off. Ricky then takes out his phone and shines the flashlight towards her. Whilst looking at Ricky, a jealous E.J comes up to Nini with his phone light on too. Nini looks at the two boys and closes her eyes, imagining herself singing in the huge auditorium in a red dress. After her audition it was now Ricky's turn. He performs his own rendition of "I Think I Kinda, You Know", however is still unable to say I love you.

After the auditions, she runs after Ricky and asks what he's doing here. He replies he's auditioning. Nini replies that he hates musicals and that she's changed, causing Ricky to confess that he always believed in her and them, therefore that's why he was at the auditions because he cares. When about to confess his love, Carlos interrupts them by announcing the cast list has been posted. With Kourtney pulling Nini away from Ricky, Nini then sees that she got the role of Gabriella alongside Ricky who's playing Troy. With Nini looking at a pissed E.J for getting the understudy and turns to (a shocked that he got the role of Troy ) Ricky.


Season 1

Episode 1

  • Nini wrote Ricky a song telling him that she loves him for their one year anniversary. This shocked Ricky and caused him to ask for a break because he panicked about not being able to tell her his feelings.
  • Nini officially breaks up with Ricky at school, telling him she "met someone else at camp."
  • Ricky sees Nini and EJ in the cafeteria, which causes him to storm off and Nini to look at him while he's doing so.
  • Ricky runs in during Nini's auditions where the power has gone off, and uses his phone as a flashlight so people can see her singing.
  • During Ricky's audition, he creates a monologue about how he can't stop beating himself up about Nini and even if he didn't use "love" it doesn't mean that he doesn't love her. Nini starts to ear up while hearing it. For his song, he sings "I Think I Kinda, You Know." Nini's feelings towards him start to show, but the lyrics "I'm not saying I don't not love you," he hesitates and mumbles it, causing her to close up again.
  • Ricky and Nini have a conversation about the old them, and Ricky is trying to convince Nini that he does, and always will believe in her, but Nini is pulled away before he can say "I don't..not love you."
  • Ricky and Nini both find out they are cast as the leads and look at each other in shock.

Episode 2

  • Ricky almost quits the cast due to him thinking Nini will quit if he doesn't
  • Gina convinces Ricky not to quit after overhearing that Nini will if he doesn't
  • Nini and Ashlyn sing a song and become friends
  • EJ asks Ashlyn to steal Nini's phone for him out of jealousy that Nini is hiding things from him (texting Ricky without telling him)
  • Gina takes Nini's phone and gives it to EJ

Episode 3

- Ricky records a voice message to Nini , even though they normally don't do voice - conversations .

- Ricky asks her how he night was , to her replying " not so hot " leading him to think that was her answer to his voicemail .

- Ricky keeps giving longing looks suddenly , while Nini is turned away .

- Ricky runs up to her at the end of the school day , telling her he thought there was still some trust between them, and why she told E.J about the voice mail.

- Nini is confused about what Ricky is talking about , leading Nini to realize E.J stole her phone.

- Ricky technically told Nini about E.J stealing her phone, without realizing Nini figured it out on her own after that.

Episode 4

- Ricky's home drama is heating up and finally reaches the tipping point

- He goes to Big Red's for help and peace from all the divorce drama but finally goes to Nini's

- Nini was dealing with all the EJ drama that he stole her phone

- She was really devastated because she thought she moved on for the better

- Nini was irritated about his stay at first but cooled down and accepted him as a 'buddy'

- they almost kissed since the break-up

- Ricky finally left into the night and Nini was quite upset about that he couldn't even handle being a friend

- Nini wrote All I Want

Episode 5

- Big Red Insists that Ricky ask Nini to the Homecoming Dance .

Episode 6

Episode 7

- Ricky gets really mad about a family emergency that causes Gina to leave East High. So he takes his frustrations out on Nini by calling her a ”buddy” when she wanted to offer him support.

- Ricky wanted to text Nini an apology, however, he didn't know how to express himself :(

Episode 8

- Ricky and Nini were not getting along at first .

- They had tech rehearsal

- Ricky and Nini were sent to a room to practice their rooftop scene while the others are practicing stick to the status quo

- Ricky and Nini was awkward at first but then started to go through their memories together, revealing little details about their love history

- Ricky revealed that Nini was his first crush while they were warming up their voices

- Ricky and Nini almost kissed again, but this them both of them willingly leaned in, but interrupted by Big Red

- Kourtney invited the YAC dean to the opening night show

Episode 9

- they saw each other and decided to talk about what happened the day before .

- Ricky wants to talk to Nini but then is shocked to find out the dean from the preforming arts school came to opening night .

Episode 10

  • Ricky is beyond shook that his mother has brought her new boyfriend to the performance, and is unable to perform because of it
  • When Nini steps out unto the stage and realizes EJ is performing instead of Ricky, she is very confused
  • She asks him where Ricky is, and EJ reassures her that Ricky was the one who asked him to step in.
  • After a small chat with Gina, Ricky decides to watch Nini's performance
  • EJ steps aside and leaves the stage so that Nini could sing with Ricky(she clearly wanted to)
  • Nini approaches a confused Ricky and tries to get him to sing with her
  • He tells her that he is not at his best, because he didn't want to ruin her chances of getting into her dream school
  • She tells to look at her and only her
  • Ricky finishes the rest of the musical with Nini
  • When they are waiting to bow, Ricky attempts to ask Nini a question, however she asks him to wait until after they bow
  • While searching for Nini, Ricky finds out that the conservatory scout had left the performance, leaving Nini heartbroken
  • He finds her and asks how she feels, and she says she was meant to be at East High and that's okay
  • She asks him what he wanted to say before they bowed together
  • He says "What happens now?"
  • She replies the theatre kids usually go to Denny's, leaving them both laughing.
  • He asks once again what happens between them
  • This time she responds asking doesn't he and Big Red have 3 months worth of games to catch up on
  • When Nini starts to leave Ricky finally says, "I LOVE YOU!!!"
  • He explains he's loved her all along, and hated himself for not saying it when she did
  • They kiss, and then join the others for a musical celebration


Season 1

Episode 1 : Nini - The old me went away and she found herself, and you don't get to show up now, just to , confuse things ..

Ricky : "You think that's why I'm here? No, no Nini, I always believed in you, in us. I don't not love you."

Episode 2 - Nini - only because i had met someone else , you wnated to drag me back into 10th Grade like my summer had never happened but if you really care about me ricky , you'd let someone who wants to play this part , play it .

Episode 3

Ricky: Yo Nini!

Nini: What?

Ricky: The next time I send you a thirsty voicemail, do me a favor and don't tell EJ.

Nini: Wait, what voicemail?

Ricky: The one I sent you yesterday.

Nini: I don't know what your talking about.

Ricky: The one about the song?

Episode 4

Nini: Do you need anything?

Ricky: No.

Nini: Are you sure? These pillows get really hard.

Ricky: I'm fine okay?

Nini: What's happening at home?

Ricky: My mom came back. It's not for a good reason. My parents are getting divorced.

Nini: Have you tried talking to your mom?

Ricky: What will it do?

Nini: Well you can always come to me Ricky okay?

Ricky: Thanks Nini!

Nini: Yet that changes nothing between us.

Ricky: Ummm....

Nini: Come here!

Nini: No. Not at this time.

Ricky: Oh!

Nini: I'll get you some better pillows. These are a bit hard.

Ricky: Ok!

Episode 5

Episode 6

Nini: Oh my gosh Ricky!

Ricky: What?

Nini: There's just so much to talk about!

Episode 7

Nini: Ricky! Are you okay?

Ricky: I don't need advice from a 'buddy.'

Nini: Ricky! Wait!

Episode 8

Nini: Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me!

Ricky: You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you you!

Nini: Your getting better.

Ricky: Thanks! Rember my first crush?

Nini: Oh yes! Minnie mouse!

Ricky: Actully she was my second.

Episode 9

Nini: You wanna talk about what happened the other day?

Ricky: Yeah.

Nini: You know that wasn't really a kiss right?

Ricky: Yeah.

Nini: That was embarresing. I'm sorry.

Ricky: No, it wasn't!

Nini: I hope you don't go begging me to get you back 'cause I'm not quite ready yet.

Ricky: Yeah. I am honered to be your..... Buddy.

Episode 10

Ricky: I love you. I've loved you since the first time you picked your Ukulele and you wrote a song about clouds, a silly little song about clouds. I love you. And that night in your room when you told me you loved me, I meant to say it. I meant to say it. And I've kicked myself every day since then because I didn't say it. But I do. I love you. I've loved you since seventh grade when I made you ride in the front row of Demon's Destiny at Six Flags, and you told me you sometimes get a little seasick on roller coasters, and I said, "Come on, live a little".

Nini: I remember.

Ricky: Yeah. And then I puked all over your shoes and you didn't even make me feel bad about it, No you just said um

Nini: No worries been wanting to get rid of these shoes for a while.

Ricky: Yeah, because you outgrew them. The thing is... I never outgrew you. And I don't know what happens tomorrow or in five minites when we walk off this stage. The only thing I know is I want this to be real. Not a musical. Uhh......

Nini: Ricky. You know in musicals when people sing for no reason.

Ricky: Yeah?

Nini: Sometimes it's easier to just kiss.

Ricky: Yeah?

Nini: Yeah.

Ricky: Yeah!



  • Ricky was the one that gave Nina the nickname "Nini" back in kindergarten.
  • Nini was the one that gave Richard the nickname "Ricky" back in first grade.
  • They first met in Kindergarten which means they have known each other for 11 years and they probably met back in 2008.
  • Ricky revealed that Minnie Mouse was his second crush in Tech Rehearsal which means Nini was his first crush
  • It has been said that the part in episode 10 where Ricky confesses his love was off-script.
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