Rina ( Ricky x Gina) is the friendship and romantic pairing between the two characters Ricky Bowen and Gina Porter 


Season 1

Ricky and Gina started off as strangers not having met yet, they've heard about one another through breath mentions of each other's name. During Auditions, for the school musical Ricky performs an original song and Gina is shown to be in awe watching his performance. They are label as outsiders being that Gina is a transfer student who moves around a lot and Ricky being a skater who doesn't like musicals but joins it in hopes of getting back together with his "ex".

When Ricky was feeling insecure about staying in the school musical and drops out he goes to the skate park and surprisingly sees's Gina who looks to have been waiting for him sitting on the steps with her headphones in. She asks him "Is it true that you dropped out?". He answers her with" Did Miss Jenn send you here?." Thinking that Miss Jenn probably sent her here to bring him back to the musical. Gina denies and says "Please, I think I scare her" indicating she came here on her own volition. Ricky agrees with her statement on her being scary. Gina encourages him though to stay in the school musical saying that "Outsiders keep everyone on their toes. You kept us real" Ricky looks deep in thought at what she says.

During Homecoming, Ricky sees that Gina has brought EJ to the dance as her partner and tells her she could do better. She rebuttals him telling him "Your not the one to give relationship advice and when I want your opinion I'll ask." He goes around to say something that hurts her and she leaves the table. When he sees her pour a drink on EJ's head and storms off angry he goes off after her to see if she's alright and apologizes for what he said to her at the table. She asks him "Why do you care?" Relating to her problems and he answers with an uncertain "I don't know" but says "I thought we sorted got each other" Them being both outsiders to their receptive group. On the ride to her house, they share a moment with each other that leads to Gina kissing him on the cheek which leaves him speechless. 

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